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I live in Fleet, I have lived in this area for over 34  years. I am a very proud mother of three children, well actually only one is a child, a thirteen-year-old boy called George, then I have a nineteen-year-old young lady called Lily, and a twenty-one-year-old young man Elliot.  The last time I looked they were all under seven years...

I am married and have been with my husband Pete for over 34 years, we met in a band all those years ago, and have continued with our love of music and spent many years in the music industry. It was great fun and we got to perform with some amazing musicians and record in most of the top recording studios in the UK. We happily gigged in various bands around the south coast for years, making lots of people very happy, it was a blast!

After chasing that musical dream for many years, I got myself into the world of IT, which I really enjoyed as I had never had an office job before and I loved working in a different environment for a while.   It was, I guess the 'serious' job! Much to my parent's disappointment, they wanted me to be famous X

I stopped singing full time, for a while, to raise our family, but Pete and I kept performing on a part-time basis, for local events and school balls etc. I was always putting my hand up at the PTA meetings and loved helping out and learning new skills with other Mums. It was the sense of community that I loved.

As the children grew up, I felt the need to explore what else I could do, I need to challenge myself. I still wanted to be there for the children at the end of the school day, but I needed to do something else for 'me' so, after about five years as a stylist with the gorgeous Stella & Dot jewellery company, enabling me to meet a huge range of wonderful women, I wanted to find something that I had created. This is when I set up my own writing business called 'My Beautiful Pen'.  I adore writing, I can't stop myself and words are really my thing, I just love my job and what I love more, is where it has taken me and what it has done for me as a person. 

During my discovery of finding what I wanted to do, I met so many amazing women through networking and I discovered that for so many, our lives change, they change in ways that we do not anticipate, expect or wish, and the need for us to feel that we belong to something resonated with me so much.

So, when I met Michelle Bartlett at a networking event in 2018 and found out about the club, I knew that it was right for me, I knew that Fleet would love a group like this and I wanted it to be in my home town of Fleet. I was thrilled that Michelle suggested I take a look at the clubs, of course, I did, and actually, Pete and I played at Live Laugh Love Ladies Christmas Party 2018, now that really did seal the deal, as the women were a mix of ages and all so flippin lovely!

I am so excited about the Fleet group and the whole of LLLL, being able to visit other groups, in the UK and abroad is fantastic.  I am so happy to be a part of this, it is going to be fun watching it grow, it really is going to be wonderful!



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