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Our Mission and Beliefs

With a focus on love, laughter and positive connections, our social clubs are very welcoming and friendly. This is a club with a difference, we are passionate about bringing modern inspirational and educational speakers into women’s lives, with no barriers or politics to exclude anyone in this social platform just for women of any age. Days out, holidays and regular monthly events have become a place to belong.
Women look for something to change their lives and give them a purpose, generally putting themselves last on their list and feel under-appreciated and exhausted with life. How many people land on that crossroads, not sure which way to turn once their children leave home, they move to a new area, a partner dies or a job comes to an end. We give ladies a social place to feel relaxed and a safe place to belong.
We would love to connect women all over the world; to add a bit of sparkle back into their lives and to enable others to enjoy doing what we do. With our NEW ONLINE platform, this will become so much easier as travel does not become a barrier so come and join us on Zoom. “Women are amazing and together we can empower each other and achieve anything. If you believe it, you can achieve it!”

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