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Woman Saving - Live Laugh Love Ladies Club

Our Vision, values and Beliefs

Our vision is simple: to engage women of all ages across the globe - to make them feel special, allow them to make time for themselves, find their purpose and have fun in a place where they feel they belong.

We believe every woman should experience a 'Live Laugh Love' moment with new friends, which is why we want to grow our community of Club Hosts, to help us spread the love and connect more and more ladies around the world!

We truly value our hosts and our members, and have spent years building a brand that people can trust.

About Live Laugh Love Ladies Club

Live Laugh Love Ladies Club is more than just a club, it’s a social platform where ladies can belong, have fun and enjoy time with other ladies whilst listening to inspiring speakers. We pride ourselves on being inclusive without prejudice. It's about the company and entertainment, games, days out and holidays - the variety makes a great club, with a mix across the generations and cultural backgrounds.

Founded by Michelle Bartlett in 2014 on the south coast, Live Laugh Love Ladies Club has become a club with a difference. From a small idea, this business has to date organically grown to 18 franchises across the globe, we identified a gap in the market with our modern vibrant brand.

“I have created love laughter and new connections with my clubs and bridged the gap between the business clubs and social clubs allowing great speakers to engage with a new audience. If I can spread this feeling across the world, my vision is complete.”
Michelle, the founder
Business Women - Live Laugh Love Ladies Club

Why Join Us?

Are you looking for a flexible way to make some extra income which is fun and enjoyable but align with your purpose?

Do you have a place in your community where you can make a difference?

Do you enjoy getting groups together, are organized and enthusiastic?

Do you want to boost your own business brand whilst empowering others in ours?

We would love to take you on this journey with us so if you are enthusiastic, have a zest for life and want to establish a lifestyle business under the successful business model we have created, if so then now is the time to apply.

  • Established and proven Franchise
  • Bespoke website in any currency and language with a back office to run your business
  • Full online membership program with personal logins for all members
  • Company Partnership program
  • Holidays and special events and days out
  • Supported social media platform with approved materials
Michelle - Live Laugh Love Ladies Club

Our Commitment to You

  • A ready-made business that is trade-marked, licensed and established and very affordable.
  • A 3 year contract renewable at just £100
  • Use of a logo and name that is modern, successful and gets noticed.
  • You’ll have independence, flexibility of hours and autonomy but with the reassurance of being part of a bigger and fast-growing network of clubs.
  • Align yourself with a company to be proud of, and a Club that makes a difference to women’s lives giving them a place to belong.
  • Unlimited income potential and 100% profit stays with you, the franchisee, with a nominal monthly charge
Welcome Pack - Live Laugh Love Ladies Club

So What's Included?

All the tools included for you to get going and start your club:

  • All the marketing tools – including personalised materials such as flyers and banner, posters, briefcase, books, pens and membership packs.
  • Your Club’s page on the official website and access to back office for newsletter mailing tools.
  • Unique website name name).
  • SEO optimized website.
  • A full back office to run your business, stationary, membership program
  • Training manuals and short tutorial videos
  • A guide to Speaker suggestions to support and open your imagination.
  • Online official Ladies Club stationary and helpful documents.
  • Conference calls and monthly skype meetings.
  • Your own County Facebook group aligned with our name and branding
Woman Saving - Live Laugh Love Ladies Club

Our franchise is £1495, with no extra hidden costs.

This gives you the License to use the Live Laugh Love Trade Mark, a 3 year contract, renewal at a low cost of £100 for 3 further years, 4 pages on our bespoke website and £250 worth of materials. This includes personalized flyers and a banner plus branded materials such as member packs, business briefcase, books, pens giving you everything you need to get out there, promote your new club and get started.


There is a recurring charge of £35 per calendar month, activated only on month four after launching your first event. This delay is to support your first few months in business with us.

No commissions will be taken on any profit you make at events.

It is simple: 100% of the income for your club membership and the events profit stay with you, the club host.

A small charge for extra membership packs and any further stationary apply by request.


There are 4 streams of income and you can opt to earn as much or as little as your time allows in any category:

  1. Club Events
  2. Memberships
  3. Partnernership Offers
  4. Franchise Referral Fee


“Your club has meant so much to me since losing my husband, I have so many friends now. Thank you for all the love and happiness you have given me”
“Coming to a social club where I am not judged is so refreshing, I feel I can belong here and enjoy every meeting”
“Thank you for making a difference to my life - I lost my mum then when I was lost I found you”
“From no life to a new life - cannot thank you enough”
“You and many others I have met in your clubs have literally saved my life”

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