Why is Live Laugh Love Ladies Club a great business opportunity for you?

Sometimes when we feel something sits right in life and we are passionate about what we represent; the world brings us so much to match that energy in our heart

Our idea for the new Ladies club came from the Live Laugh Love sign on Michelle, our founders wall, which evolved quite quickly into the business we see today called Live Laugh Love ladies Club. Ladies need a safe place to go, a place which is inspirational, friendly and fun. All women of all ages need just that, don't they? The success and growth has taken us by surprise, but with the desire to share that success with others, We need to grow a lifestyle business with like minded owners and encourage women all over the country to attend.

Ask yourself are you one of those ladies? We am looking for women who want to run a small business lifestyle business, who have enthusiasm, amongst a sociable and friendly personality. The rewards are worth it, but it has to feel right with you. If you feel this could sit well with your lifestyle, ask yourself: am I part of a large ladies social group, can I inspire and bring great speakers every month to an audience of ladies? Am I that woman?

Setting up any lifestyle business can come with a high investment, even if it is the expense of time and effort involved. Michelle says: "I have made this as easy as possible to step into my shoes, and run a highly rewarding, potentially highly successful and fun business; for what I believe to be a small cost and worthwhile expense.

My 10 passionate reasons, which is the formula of success I have today.

A ladies Club is a safe place with style and ambiance

Free parking and the venue location is key.

A Ladies Club of mixed ages; a connection across the generations.
The club dates are chosen to provide choice.
Value for money: Let the clubs be affordable to everyone.
Speakers need to have a personality, enthusiasm and an ability to entertain

Regardless of whether their subject matter is suitable for everyone.

Membership scheme with discounts, special events and online booking
A Loyalty scheme to create fun and value

As a reward for their presence or personal recommendations.

Ladies are not pressured to spend more

The entrance fee should cover everything except alcohol or extra drinks.

Food and service at all our venues is of a consistently high quality for our ladies to enjoy.
The venue host remains a personal contact from the initial booking to the welcome at the door

Included in the Business Pack

License Agreement
Trade marked business name
500 Personalised Leaflets
250 Personalised Business Cards
50 Loyalty Cards
1 Personalised Banner
1 Briefcase
20 branded pens and 1 branded notepad
4 Personal Page on Ladies Club Website (unlimited updates with personal login facility)
Ladies Club Document Templates
List Of Recommended Speakers Types
60 Page Operations Booklet
Director Login facility (ability to change web page any time)
Data management (mailouts, data capture, membership scheme)
Online Pay for clients
Monthly Skype Training
Facebook Public Page
Facebook Private Group Access
Facebook County Page
20 Membership Packs

If you would like to find out more about this franchise opprtunity, please complete the form below, providing as much information about yourself.

Within 3 days, one of our representatives will call you for a friendly informative chat, on your selected time.

What will it cost?

For an Introductory Price of £1495, the price will include everything listed above, which is your license to run this franchise opportunity.

1-2-1 guidance will be given to support you with your choice of venue, speakers and food – the three key components to starting your own Ladies club in your area. Group skype or conference calling will be used each month for training, tips and suggested speakers, as well as to document and discuss progress and success.

One license, will cover one venue, and a radius will be granted to avoid any other club coming into your area. The second or third license is heavily discounted.

A small monthly fee will apply after a 3 month grace period to cover admin fees, the website charges and the growth of the business to include marketing.

All monies received by the club owner, stays with the club owner.

Terms and conditions will apply at the time of agreeing to the license.

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