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Live Laugh Love Ladies Club Ltd is a modern social club with a niche network of ladies which is fast becoming a household name and a brand ladies can trust. Can you imagine having your business seen by this growing ‘Closed Community’ and getting involved by adding value to their membership? If the answer is ‘Yes!’ then you’re in the right place!

As a brand, we are proud that the Live Laugh Love Ladies Clubs have captured the hearts of so many. Before launching the ‘Friends-Of’ Partnership campaign, we realised that women were often asking us for advice or recommendations on places or local services to buy, as well as requests from businesses who wanted to tap into our network. This gave us the opportunity to help both sides of the market, and we want to encourage a friendship between local and nationwide businesses, big or small, in return for treating our ladies to personalised offers, discounts or a trusted service so it is a win-win for everyone.

We have an international audience of women, with a core demographic aged between 35-70, and a bespoke website that is able to facilitate thousands. When our ladies attend a club, they are automatically enrolled in a membership scheme for free, with an option to upgrade to the Premium Membership for just £30 per year. In 2020, this ‘CLOSED COMMUNITY’ of ladies proudly stood at 3000, and with further plans for growth, a relaunch for so many clubs and a need to connect across the business platforms, we feel by 2023 this will easily double. Premium Members receive monthly newsletters from their local Club Hosts, as well as a Membership Welcome Pack, which also includes the partnership fliers and offers that are running at that point in time.

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Why become a ‘Friend-Of’ to the Live Laugh Love Ladies Club community?

If our demographic of Members is the perfect fit for you and your business, then why wait, connecting with our community could bring so much new business to you.

Depending on which Promotional Package you opt for, your personalised advert will be uploaded to the Members Log-in area, and the offer will be promoted by Club Hosts via the Membership Packs, newsletters, Facebook groups and in person at events.

What’s in it for us?

When we partner with companies and source bespoke offers for our ladies, you are helping us to add value to our Memberships. Partnering with companies like yourself also gives us that ‘feel good’ factor of being able to give something back to our members, as well as helping local businesses grow a wider audience.

Ready to collaborate?

If you like what we represent and want to get involved, please fill in the enquiry form below. Once received, we will email our brochure to include a comprehensive overview of the partnership to include prices and the application process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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