Membership Benefits

As Live Laugh Love Ladies Clubs spread across the UK, and now in other parts of the world, it has been an exciting time launching our membership scheme. This complimentary membership scheme will add a sense of belonging to each venue and loyalty to the independent directors of each club. In exchange, Head Office have added some great benefits and features to make you feel part of a bigger organisation, and reward you for its fast and exciting growth.

Some of the main benefits for complimentary membership are:

  1. Login area for all members with a unique login and password
  2. Newsletters to keep informed of club events
  3. 'Special Events' tab to see group events as they launch
  4. 'Partner Benefits' tab to see extra benefits (some of these will be locked offer to complimentary members)

Upgrade Now

If you would like to be offered more in the way of discounts and events, the Premium membership for £20 per year maybe for you.

  1. A reduced entrance fee for you and up to two friends at your club
  2. A reduced entrance fee for you and up to two friends at ALL clubs in your Country
  3. Membership pack to include a free Ladies club pen and a loyalty card to enable you to earn FREE visits at your personal club
  4. Special events tab with priority booking and discounts
  5. Partner Benefits tab from companies...All are unlocked unlike complimentary members.
  6. Quarterly newsletters from Head Office

Cost of Membership

Membership costs £20.00 per year across the UK.

  1. For either memberships a welcome letter will be automatically generated by Head Office with your unique membership number which will give you access to your personal login page with a password.
  2. Your host will offer you Premium membership but it is not compulsory
  3. If you choose to upgrade on your first event night, you can pick up your pack and receive your first loyalty card stamp so don’t miss out!
Our Loyalty Card

Become a PREMIUM member

The cost of a PREMIUM membership is £20.00 per year and includes lots of members benefits. To read more about the benefits and details of PREMIUM membership please see above.

If you know which club you would like to join please select from the club name from the 'club to join' field.
Otherwise use the filters to find a club close to your location.

If you do not have an email address, don't worry.
Your club host will also be able to enroll you at the club, and you will still receive all of the member benefits.

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