Welcome to our new Wimborne Club venue 


Landlords Liam and Gemma and their friendly team welcome you to The Coach & Horses, a beautiful, thatched Pub, and listed building dating back to the 1900s.

The Coach & Horses is nestled in the community, with easy parking and great food, friendly staff who go the extra mile, a fun atmosphere awaits you.


Liam recently wrote this post on Facebook, and I could agree more.

"We’re making a comeback

Pub lunches, date nights and after work drinks, it’s been a year of lost moments. So, say goodbye to the video calls, catch up TV and loungewear. Dig out those glad rags because it’s nearly time to raise a glass, together at last!"


Liam and Gemma are really look forward to hosting our monthly Wimborne Club meet ups.

I really hope that you can join me and enjoy our new club home.

Let’s get out OUT.

Upcoming Events

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 Ladies monthly supper club 7pm -9pm

Mon 22nd of April 2024
Premium member price £16.00/ticket

                                                                                  ENERGY HEALING

Come along to an evening and learn something new.
Anna Jot Low - will be our speaker on this interesting subject.
I have for the first time this year used acupuncture, I feel this could be a start of something great for me.
How many of you, have tried energy medicine ? 
What to expect.
A great evening with a yummy meal.
Meeting and making new friends.
Trying something new with a great group of women. 
Members price £16
Non members price £19 
Membership £30 for the year. 

Text from Anna Jot Low. 
Energetic medicine is a fascinating and diverse field that encompasses various modalities, all aimed at promoting healing and balance in the body, mind, and spirit. These modalities include acupuncture, crystal therapy, sound therapy, and energy healing.
Acupuncture, originating from ancient Chinese medicine, involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body. This practice is believed to stimulate the flow of energy, known as Qi, along meridian pathways, thus restoring balance and promoting overall well-being.
Crystal therapy utilises the healing properties of crystals and gemstones to rebalance and align the body's energy centres, or chakras. Each crystal possesses unique vibrational frequencies that can help facilitate healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.
Sound therapy harnesses the power of sound vibrations to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and restore harmony within the body. Instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs are used to produce soothing tones that resonate with the body's energy field, helping to release energetic blockages and restore balance.
Energy healing encompasses a wide range of practices that work with the body's subtle energy fields to promote healing and restore balance. Techniques such as Reiki, Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga, all clear blockages and enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself.
These modalities of energetic medicine offer unique approaches to healing, each addressing the energetic imbalances that can contribute to physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. By working with the body's energy systems, these therapies restore harmony and promote holistic well-being.
Anna Joti Low
Therapist Trainer and Mentor
Acupuncturist and Macrobiotic Coach
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Capacity : 25
Remaining : 25
Mon 20th of May 2024
Premium member price £16.00/ticket

You don't have to be "Wonder Women" to enjoy Total body walking but you may feel like her afterwards....
If you have ever fancied trying something new which is also good for you, then come along and find out more from Lucie & Chris. 
We will have demos and participation for those of you who want to give it a try on the night. check out the website  
WALX Dorset are the local branch of a UK wide club that offer everything from sociable walks to their signature exercise and wellness sessions known a Total Body Walking. 
These are suitable for all levels from wellness and rehab to full on circuits and the aim is simply to Turn Walking into a Workout! 
They teach the latest way to walk with poles for a natural effective way to engage the whole body with every step and they work on elements such as balance, strength and functional movement – all in the great outdoors.
The qualified Instructors and leaders put on over 20 sessions and walks a week in Dorset and you will meet Lucie who is based in Purbeck and Chris who leads session around Wimborne and beyond. If you come to the LLL event you will get a special discount to join your first session FREE.

Capacity : 25
Remaining : 25
Mon 10th of June 2024
Premium member price £16.00/ticket

Vivienne is a passionate Gong practitioner and yoga teacher who is looking forward to sharing a Gong sound journey with the live laugh love ladies on the 10th June. Trained and qualified through the School of Sound Healing, this sound journey will include a variety of her beloved gongs and percussion instruments

Be prepared for something amazing, Vivienne is a friend of mine and has kindly offered to come along to the group, she is very highly though of and often works from the Rockwater cafe at Branksome, runs lots of her own workshops and collaborates with others, such as The Wim Hof practices.

It is so rare that you can get a space as she is in great demand. So I am very grateful to her for the time she is offering us. On this evening,  we will have a buffet style meal after the gong bath, I will welcome you at 7pm as always and she will be starting at so please be prompt and bring along a yoga mat and blanket if you have them. (these will be available if you do not have them) wear comfortable clothing, bring eye masks if you wish. 

This will be a quiet zone while the practice is taking place, chatting and eating will go on after the practice.Lay down, or sit if you prefer, let the sounds of the gongs wash around you and through you cleansing you and revitalising you. 

PLEASE make me aware of any illness or concerns before taking part in the gong baths, Vivianne will liaise with me as to whether the practice is advisable to you.For anyone with hearing aids, pacemakers, or recent operations or pregnancy Viv can address these with you.

I am really looking forward to sharing this evening with those that can join us, there is limited spaces for this event, book early to avoid dissapointment.

Capacity : 22
Remaining : 22

 Christmas Party - 7th December - The Cumberland Hotel

We currently have no events listed for the Ladies monthly supper club 7pm -9pm .
The Coach & Horses
73 Poole Road
BH21 1QB

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