Welcome to our new Wimborne Club venue 


Landlords Liam and Gemma and their friendly team welcome you to The Coach & Horses, a beautiful, thatched Pub, and listed building dating back to the 1900s.

The Coach & Horses is nestled in the community, with easy parking and great food, friendly staff who go the extra mile, a fun atmosphere awaits you.


Liam recently wrote this post on Facebook, and I could agree more.

"We’re making a comeback

Pub lunches, date nights and after work drinks, it’s been a year of lost moments. So, say goodbye to the video calls, catch up TV and loungewear. Dig out those glad rags because it’s nearly time to raise a glass, together at last!"


Liam and Gemma are really look forward to hosting our monthly Wimborne Club meet ups.

I really hope that you can join me and enjoy our new club home.

Let’s get out OUT.

Upcoming Events

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 Ladies monthly supper club 7pm -9pm

Wed 22nd of March 2023
Premium member price £15.00/ticket

Skittles Night    22nd MARCH 2023  7pm - 9pm 

We all had a fun night playing in the Skittle Alley before and I have been asked to do another evening. 
We will eat in the PUB first and then go over to the Alley for a some fun

ALL are welcome to this one, bring your hubby or partner or mum & dad, friends and family welcome.
They will be able to come at a special price with a Live Laugh Love member for £13 or if you are a non member at the special price of £17. This is for this event only and will have a limit on attendance.

Skittles, game of bowling at pins, played primarily in Great Britian Skittles was played for centuries in public houses or clubs, mostly in western England and the Midlands, southern Wales, and southeastern Scotland. The rules and methods of scoring varied from place to place, but the basic principle of bowling a wooden or rubber ball weighing about 10 pounds [4.5 kilograms]) at nine large oval-headed pins, set in diamond formation 21 feet (about 6.5 metres) away, remained the same. The player who knocked down all the pins (scored as “chalks”) in the fewest throws was the winner. 
Capacity : 25
Remaining : 25
Mon 17th of April 2023
Premium member price £16.00/ticket

Lesley's  story & Boutique In a Bus ON Monday 17th April 7pm - 9pm 

Come and hear from the lovely Lesley Tindle on the journey so far...
When the lease of the shop unit she was sharing changed, Lesley was unsure of her next step. A year-long labour of tests, trials and triumphs working with a south coast vehicle conversion specialist gained the complete transformation of an old 26ft Fiat Ducato ex-community bus into a mini boutique, and Lady B was born.
Lesley has been part of events such as the New Forest Show, Carfest and Larmer Tree Festival.and has regular sites across Dorset and can also come to you for a party or special occasion.  
Lesley believes that innovations such as this may be key to tempting consumers back on board.“There have been many changes in high street shopping from the increase of the big chains which only give you corporate visuals, we all want to see and feel the goods. Online shopping, although convenient, misses that individuality.
Italian Fashion that is timeless, elegant & affordable, for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Lesley is the perfect lady to help you choose a treat for YOU, 

Capacity : 25
Remaining : 25
Mon 15th of May 2023
Premium member price £16.00/ticket

Monday 15th May 7pm - 9pm  HIGH MEAD FARM 

A fantastic opportunity to see what is going on locally, for so many needing more support its an amazing find. 
We are a therapeutic farm in Longham, Ferndown. With the experienced guidance and support from our Staff and the generosity of our Volunteers we offer a day service to members of the public living with mental health issues, physical disabilities, addiction, Alzheimer & dementia diagnosis, brain injury, vision & hearing impairment, autism, children excluded from school, Parkinson’s and learning difficulties to engage in an array of interesting activities on the farm.

We work alongside local businesses, churches, social services, local authorities, schools, universities, organisations and charities. We are open to the public to purchase fresh seasonal vegetables, our own honey, eggs & kindling, from our on site Farm Shop

Capacity : 25
Remaining : 25
Mon 12th of June 2023
Premium member price £16.00/ticket

ROCK & ROLL BINGO - (it isn't just rock n roll)   Monday 12th June 7pm - 9pm 

We tried to run this last year but unfortunately due to low numbers because of the "dreaded illness"we had to cancel, so let's try again.... If you like music and love something a bit different then this is for YOU-
you do not have to be a wizz at music nor know the year it was made, played etc, you just have to recognise it and score it off your bingo card. Singing is definatly aloud too 

Rock and Roll Bingo ( MUSIC ) gives a new twist on bingo by replacing the standard bingo format with much-loved music clips.
Musical bingo always goes down a storm! lets sing along , have some fun and play some BINGO 
Capacity : 25
Remaining : 25
The Coach & Horses
73 Poole Road
BH21 1QB

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