It is a place we know and love, formerly called Mill Stream Bistro, Charlotte Hoare and her sister in-law Toni and great staff have given it a beautiful make over.

They have been working from their vintage blue van and now have their new place inside, and also now has an inside loo.There is a veranda over looking the stream at the back and the court yard is a relaxing place to sit and enjoy some down time.

Its bright and spacious inside It has a happy atmosphere and the menu is simple but full of yummy local treats serving breakfast, lunch and open until 4.00pm in the afternoon. I feel so lucky that we can return to use this lovely space for the Wimborne Club. I do hope to see you all soon.

A note from Charlotte Hoare

For us, coffee is the heart of our home – it’s what brings us all together. We wanted to take our love for coffee and passion for mental health and bring them together to create a place of joy and happiness, while serving you kick-ass coffee so you can tackle the day ahead.

With Charlotte being a qualified mental health nurse, we really believe coffee can be a form of self-care and can encourage people to communicate and spend time with others. If we can get one person talking, then that in itself is a reward for us.

Living in Dorset, we are so fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing businesses, which is why we have kept our suppliers local and will continue to support the local community. We pride ourselves in being eco-friendly and will always try to make sustainable choices when we can. 

We want to do everything we possibly can to spread happiness around Dorset.

Upcoming Events

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 Ladies monthly supper club 7pm -9pm

Tue 24th of March 2020
Premium member price £14.00/ticket



I am so excited to have Chris as our speaker on 24th March 2020, there is so much for him to tell us…..and why he clearly loves his job. Held at our New Venue Coach & Horses Wimborne 
Chris has been a full time musician, actor and entertainer for 20 years performing all over the world alongside some incredible musicians in some extraordinary venues. 
Chris Manning was featured on BBC Fame Academy and has performed internationally! Chris also runs his own Video Production company creating dynamic film content.www.chrismanningfilms.co.uk
Here is a facebook post from Chris last month- Jan 2020 Facebook.com/thecmprojects
“1917” the Sam Mendes 2 x Goldon Globe Winning Feature Film that hits the big screens Internationally tomorrow! 
I was lucky enough to land a Supporting Artist Role playing a Sergeant in the film and was on set for just under 2 months!!!! The audition was a nerve-racking knowing Sam Mendes was screening each one, the Military Boot Camp was tough and the 12-14 hour days on location were intense at times. 

However, that said, it was one of THE BEST experiences of my life, so incredibly thankful to have shared it with an amazing crew and cast and I’m thrilled to say it has propelled my acting career phonemically. 

So tonight at 9pm I get to sit back in utter Luxury at BH2 ODEON with 50 of my fellow casts members, for our very own VIP Red Carpet PREMIER Screening to celebrate the moment with a cold glass of champagne in my hand, my wife’s hand in the other and watch the soon to be BAFTA Award Winning masterpiece unfold before our very eyes.                            Never Give Up on your Dreams Friends because they Can Come True!! 

Capacity : 40
Tue 21st of April 2020
Premium member price £14.00/ticket


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Boobs Alert - Cheryl Williams- and Sam Cawley from The Dorset Breast Screening Unit will be coming to speak for us about OUR amazing boobs, we ALL have them in different shapes and sizes or may have needed surgery to remove them or part of them to keep us well.

Why are these appointments important ?
when you go to these appointments, often dreading any unhappy outcomes, it's theses ladies who we meet, their job is not an easy one, but without this service or early detection - unhappy outcomes may come even sooner.
Do you check yours? How to check them ? 
I have added a funny photo to this news letter and on here - non because I believe Breast Cancer is funny, not at all. It is to lighten the idea of you coming out to talk about whatever you call yours....

Capacity : 40

 Welcome Back BBQ

Wed 12th of August 2020
Premium member price £14.00/ticket


Ladies after such a long time of not being able to meet up, we can finally enjoy a summer bbq at our NEWLY refurbished Wimborne Club home.

The evening will start at 7pm - 9pm and at the same great prices £14 for members and £18 for non members, a raffle,

A tasty BBQ with food options for Vegan / vegetarian or GF ( please advise me on booking your place)

Numbers are limited to 24 guests and I have only have 12 places left for this event. 

Going forward I will be running the Wimborne Club once a month as before so there will be more events coming if you miss this one.

There will not be a speaker for this event as I know we all have a lot of catching up to do.

The venue has all the social distancing measures in place and have been working from the building since the 4th July and prior to that working from their vintage blue van during lockdown.

We all have to feel comfortable with what we choose to do during these strange times, I do hope to see some of your lovely faces but if its not for you just yet, I look forward to seeing you at another time.

Capacity : 24
Remaining : 3
Happyccino at The Mill
Walford Mill, Knobcrook Rd,
BH21 1NL

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