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Hi Ladies

Welcome to the club!

My name is Nadine and I live in Lavant, just outside Chichester, with my husband, one daughter and Archie the cat.  I’ve been married to Eugene for 32 years and we have four amazing children – Bethany who is 31, lives and works in London; Maisie is 29 and lives with us and works locally; Holly is 27 and lives in Bristol with her boyfriend; Zachary is 25 and lives in Shrewsbury, where he works as a chef.

Eugene and I met in the United Arab Emirates when we were teenagers (our families lived there) and came back to England in 1989 to marry.  As a married couple we’ve always lived in the Chichester area and our children grew up here.

I was in the main, a stay-at-home mum, but started working for Checkatrade in 2003 and had a great time socialising with my colleagues and making long and lasting friendships (and working hard obviously, but we did love a party!).  I left the company in 2019.  Once I had left, I didn’t really know what to do.  It wasn’t until February 2020 that I finally came across something that excited me - Live Laugh Love Ladies Clubs. 

It’s unfortunate I started just when the whole country was being confined to their homes, but we put on some amazing online events a few times a week, and these are still available to watch if you are a member.

I finally launched the the club in Chichester on 9th May 2022 and I love meeting local women.  Some come back each time, and there are always new faces too.  I really look forward to organising fun evenings and events for the women of the Chichester and hope it can become somewhere we build relationships and just laugh alot!

Nadine x

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