• The Plantation restaurant has been chosen for its gorgeous ambiance in the conservatory area with the views across the gardens, or the private conference room for 25. The location is ideal with free parking in the carpark but also ample free parking in all surrounding roads. The Canford Cliffs village also has a pay and display car park too at the other end of the village.

    Look forward to seeing you love Michelle x

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     Ladies Club Breakfast 10am -Midday (2 hours)

    Mon 18th of June 2018
    Premium member price £12.00/ticket

    Chasing Rainbows – The Power of Art to Heal

    Have you ever wondered how art therapy works? Would you like to find out about the many different types of art therapy available to us today?

    The world is an increasingly stressful place and it is so important that we find ways to deal with the pressures of everyday life.

    In this presentation Alice May artist and award winning author of ‘The House That Sat Down’ series, discusses the power of art to heal, whilst sharing a selection of her own original art and video painting demonstrations.

    Hear the present day theories on why art therapy can be so effective and learn about the women who influenced its early development.

    After hearing her talk before i cannot wait to invite her for breakfast and hear her share her passion with us.

    Capacity : 25
    Remaining : 4
    Wed 11th of July 2018
    Premium member price £12.00/ticket

    Life begins when you decide it does!

    If you are one of those people who believed that life begins at 40 then you probably believe that you have missed the boat at 50/60!

    At the age of 58, with no real qualifications to speak of and a lengthy list of experience no one would swap with Dee, she has finally discovered Life begins when you decide it does. Dee will share her journey with you in the hope that something in her story will resonate with you and maybe even lead you to start playing on the court instead of watching from the stalls!! 

    Capacity : 25
    Remaining : 17

     Ladies Club Lunch 12-2pm (2 hours)

    Tue 29th of May 2018
    Premium member price £12.00/ticket

    We are Aly and Jade, a mother and daughter team running an aesthetic clinic that specialises in anti-ageing treatments and improving skin health. We’d love to invite you to hear about the treatments we offer, in particular the removal of skin tags, moles, thread veins and unwanted pigmentation (sun/age spots). Most of us have at least one of these concerns and with the latest in technology we are able to remove these in a safe, comfortable and cost effective way.

    My husband and I have had our tags removed this year and we were so impressed I have invited them in to share their knowledge and expand on what they do.

    Capacity : 25
    Wed 27th of June 2018
    Premium member price £12.00/ticket

    “Cracking open the Chiropractor”  What do chiropractors actually do and are they right for me?

     One of the first questions Amy asks her New clients is

    “Have you seen a Chiropractor before?” Often this is followed by a nervous sounding “NO”.

    Amy Batchelor is a chiropractor working at Lilliput Heath and Total Therapy in Poole.There are many mysteries that surround what happens in a chiropractic office but she is here to put your minds at ease and to show you why chiropractic care might be an option for you.

    When suffering with back pain and joint pain it can be frustrating not knowing who to turn to other than your GP and recommendations from friends and family can seem overwhelming. Amy will guide you through what a chiropractor does so you can make the best choice for you and demonstrating treatment techniques and answering your questions like; Who can see a chiropractor? What condition can they help with? Just what is the cracking and popping noise you can sometime here?

    Not to be missed demonstration and plenty of questions too...

    Capacity : 20
    Remaining : 12
    Thu 9th of August 2018
    Premium member price £5.00/ticket

    SUMMER HOUSE PARTY PLESE NOTE 11am-3pm although the receipt will say different

    Last year we had such a successful summer party at my home raising money for charity, so I thought I would do it all again! Our charity this year will beDorset Childrens Foundation supporting Karen Bailey in raising money for her charity and parachute jump this summer. Both Karen and the charity will tell us more.

    This year we have the return of the Boutique in a bus with Lesley, plus stalls with massage, card reading, skincare, makeup, jewellery and much more. All we need to order is the sunshine like last year ;)

    My keynote speaker at 1pm-1.30pm will be Katherine Baldwin, a fantastic speaker, author and coach from "How to Fall in Love" who used to work alongside Tony Blaire.

    More information is online for you to order your tickets at £5 each to include a piece of cake and a drink. Arrival can be any time between 11am-3pm or you can pay on the door if preferred. A raffle for the charity will be present too.

    Adress is 30 Constitution Hill Road Poole BH14 0QD...Parking is opposite in the school carpark at Ocean Academy as there will be no space for parking in my home.

    Capacity : 100
    Remaining : 72

     Ladies Club Evening 7pm-9pm (2 hours)

    Mon 14th of May 2018
    Premium member price £12.00/ticket

    Have you ever asked yourself the question: ‘Is this it - is this all there is?’ Have you ever felt empty inside, despite all the trappings of success? Katherine Baldwin reached the peak of her profession as an international journalist. She reported from parliament and flew around the world with then Prime Minister Tony Blair. But she felt soul dead inside and was binge eating, binge drinking, overworking and falling into unhealthy relationships, as a way to escape her feelings and cope with stress, anxiety and loneliness. She eventually burnt out and broke down. Ten years on, Katherine is engaged to a lovely man, living by the sea and doing work she loves – coaching others to live and work to their true potential while staying healthy and well and to learn to love themselves and change their relationship patterns so that they can find love. In this talk, Katherine will share the highs and lows of her transformational journey as well as her tips for loving ourselves, finding love and staying in love. 


    Katherine is a relationships coach, midlife mentor and the author of How to Fall in Love – A 10-Step Journey to the Heart, described by Psychologies magazine editor Suzy Greaves as “a wonderful guidebook on relationships.” She’s written about self-love and relationships for the national media, including RedPsychologies and The Daily Mail and has appeared on national TV and radio including Newsnight and Woman’s Hour.

    Capacity : 30
    Mon 4th of June 2018
    Premium member price £12.00/ticket

    Gin and tonic anyone?

    Our speaker is Rupert, the founder of Conker Spirit, Dorset’s first gin distillery.  As Rupert would say, ‘free from the constraints of tradition, our spirits aren’t moulded by antiquated expectations. With oodles of blind optimism and an open mind comes a fresh approach. There’s no ancient family recipe or mythical Master Distiller here, just a dogged pursuit of the new and exciting”. They started from scratch, meticulously tweaking the Dorset Dry, fine-tuning the recipe sip by sip to compose a fresh approach to gin with a ruthless focus on quality. We will be in for a great night with Rupert sharing his story, knowledge and inspiration along with a tasting experience of his gin and some cold brew coffee liqueur especially for you ladies…

    Capacity : 38
    Mon 2nd of July 2018
    Premium member price £12.00/ticket

    Gill Donnell, MBE, talks about her life as a senior leader in the police to now, a published author… ‘Juliet Bravo to JK Rowling!’ Join Gill as she shares the details of her journey from Police Officer to Published Author and beyond, oh and via Kilimanjaro! Proof that life can start at 60!

    Capacity : 35
    Remaining : 14
    The Plantation
    5 Cliff Drive, Canford Cliffs
    BH13 7JF

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