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Hi my name is Michelle and I want to welcome you to my ladies club in Poole.

As a self employed mum to 5 children from 18 to 30 years of age, and a Nanna to Jude, our grandson, I have also been happily married for the last 20 years to Paul, who I cannot imagine life without any of them.

I have found it easier working flexible hours from home, whilst still being able to do the school runs and be at every school event. Megan, the youngest was a lovely surprise to me, at the age of 40, but trust me kids keep you young so I am hoping she is my tonic for youth.

Social coffee and chats, has completed my ‘flexible working week’ for years, but in reality I have always worked hard, and enjoyed the social elements which has always involved people.

This led me to open the first Live Laugh Love Ladies Club eight years ago, with a passion to make it as friendly, comfortable, safe and inspiring as possible whilst connecting women socially. The club has attracted some wonderful women, who have naturally made some great friendships and felt inspired by the speakers and now the platform has now been duplicated with nearly 20 franchises globally. This is a great place for ladies to feel they belong in an inclusive social environment now adding day trips, parties and holidays to our long list of events.

Covid taught many of us a lot and it taught me to relax, reflect on what is amazing in my life and follow my dreams, which I did by opening my own venue called Clubhub Poole. It was born May 2021, after a huge amount of commitment, staffing and a journey like no other, but it now builds a wider community by being a coffee shop in the day and events in the evening. Hospitality is my passion and my happy place so please pop in for coffee, introduce yourself and be part of Clubhub or Live Laugh Love.

Booking is essential for our catering so please pop in and pay or click our easy links on the website.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Michelle xx

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