• The Grasshopper pub is one of my favourite places to go for a cool contemporary vibe. I am pleased to announce this will be home to our Poole club launching this September 2019 onwards. Parking is plentiful and FREE with huge car parks front and back and 3 entrances into the building. We will be located in the restaurant area.

    Food and hot drinks are included in the price so I hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you soon

    love Michelle x

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     Ladies Club Breakfast 10am -Midday (2 hours with breakfast included)

    Wed 9th of October 2019
    Premium member price £14.00/ticket

    Dale Hurst – Author of The Berylford Scandals

    While dealing with school, college, university, a few full-time jobs, plus some heavy personal losses, journalist Dale Hurst wrote and published his first novel last year after eight years of work.Dale comes to us to talk about the inner workings behind the book, his exploits as a journalist, and the plans for his upcoming second and third novels.
    The Berylford Scandals: Lust & Liberty was inspired by Dale's love of Regency and Victorian-era fiction - the darkness and morbidity of Charles Dickens, the sentimentality of Elizabeth Gaskell and the humour of Jane Austen. He injected all these things into his own story about Lady Oliviera Vyrrington, whose simultaneous love for two men brings about many a downfall and changes her life forever. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a servant boy and a cryptic note left for one of the Countess' friends are also entwined in the plot. 

    Capacity : 20
    Remaining : 14

     Ladies Club Lunch 12pm - 2pm (2 hours with light lunch included)

    Wed 18th of September 2019
    Premium member price £14.00/ticket

    As the launch at The Grasshopper there will be a little glass of wine included too.

    Elizabeth Cooke, Author

    Elizabeth Cooke is an Author of 16 books and fantastic artist too, I am thrilled to have Elizabeth speak at my club. She has always had a fascination with books both as a reader and an author. One of her earliest memories is being taken to a library and trying to reach up to the shelves, being too young to read, but recalls a real thirst to know what was being said inside every cover. Books of all kinds are intimate and memorable for her because she still sees them as doors into a private world. A writer reveals their thoughts, sensations and memories: a reader takes the author’s hand. Of whatever genre, a book is a shared experience.

    She began her career winning a national short story competition, and worked producing some 120 stories and serials for IPC magazines. Her first novels were psychological thrillers of the ‘unnerving slow-burn’ variety, but her main focus has been historical themes and actual events told from unusual perspectives.


    Capacity : 25
    Thu 14th of November 2019
    Premium member price £14.00/ticket

    Love Anousta

    Linda will talk about Colloidal Silver, which is antibacterial and anti inflammatory gel or liquid. I have been using it for years for all sorts of things, however these are just a few; if you are stung by a horsefly or trap your thumb in the door, go down with a full blown chest infection, or poisoned by the local tapas bar... you NEED Silver on you. It acts fast and will deal with a huge variety of situations and make your life and your holiday easier. It is excellent too on sunburn, superb with dental infections and wonderful on heat rash/nappy rash and “ what on earth is this rash” situations!

    Capacity : 30
    Remaining : 24

     Ladies Club Evening 7pm -9pm (2 hours with a meal included)

    Mon 30th of September 2019
    Premium member price £14.00/ticket

    Rowena Bird, Co-Founder of LUSH

    Rowena spoke at one of my events over a year ago and it was sold out very quickly. I would definitely advise booking this one early as you are in for a really honest look at her life along with her passion for creating more products for LUSH.

    Rowena has dedicated her life to Lush, albeit named Cosmetics to Go before, and she tells her story of how life was at the beginning, how tough times have seen them through as a team and how Lush now is a household name worldwide. We are proud of their roots remaining as a strong business in Poole and its hard to find someone who has never heard of them.

    Capacity : 50
    Remaining : 7
    Mon 21st of October 2019
    Premium member price £14.00/ticket

    Heather Garbutt –New Paradigms in Love Relationships

    There is a new way of relating that is beginning to permeate the planet. It is rooted in a new paradigm of love in our relationships with others, ourselves, our societies. We all know what it's like to be in conflict and competition. This new way of being is about cooperation and nurture, respect, communication and compassion. Heather Garbutt has trained with the leading edge teacher of love, Katherine Woodward Thomas and is bringing this emergent wisdom to the U.K. as a love and relationship coach and psychotherapist of thirty-five years standing.  Heather offers wisdom about choosing the right partner, enriching the relationship you are in or healthily leaving a relationship that has run its course. Come and revolutionise your love life! 

    Capacity : 50
    Remaining : 39
    Tue 26th of November 2019
    Premium member price £14.00/ticket

    Sarah Ali Choudhury–Indian Cookery

    Sarah will be talking about her journey over the last two years of her success that has swept the nation. Sarah is a multi-award winning Indian food expert and columnist for her recipes and has featured in Forbes, The Sun, The Telegraph, The Guardian and many more too long to list. She is now recognised as ‘The Curry Queen”. Her TV career boasts working alongside Raymond Blanc, Prue Leith to name just a few and the Asian Curry Awards have crowned her ‘Personality of the Year’ in 2018.

    I am thrilled she will be joining us to demonstrate a Vegetable Jalfrezi and speak of her new cookery school launching this year.

    Capacity : 40
    Remaining : 29

     Christmas Party 5th December 7-11.30pm at The Marsham Court Hotel

    Thu 5th of December 2019
    Premium member price £39.00/ticket

    Our Christmas Party - The Marsham Court Hotel

    Thursday 5th December 7pm- 11.30pm

    Price is £45 or £39 Premium Members - 3 Course meal, welcome drink and entertainment included

    There is a buzz already about our Christmas Party, which we can finally announce is happening on 5th December. Last year we had such a fantastic night with many of you saving the date for this year – another memorable Live Laugh Love Christmas Party is just around the corner! 

    We will be welcoming you along to the beautifully re-furbished Marsham Court Hotel on the East Cliff with a reception drink on arrival followed by a fabulous 3 course meal from a full menu choice this year followed by coffee and mints.

    We are pleased to announce the entertainment will be Chris Manning, who performed his Michael Buble tribute, followed by upbeat dance music two years ago. By popular demand we have managed to book him again to dance the night away to some great popular tracks. As always, we do have a few other surprises in store to make it a magical evening and to all celebrate the Christmas season together. 

    We have also negotiated some great room deals should you want to relax and enjoy an overnight stay – it’s a great opportunity for some Christmas shopping either on the 4thor the day after. Please call the hotel on 01202 552111 to book a room and quote 'Live Laugh Love' for the special room rate. If you want to share but you do not know someone to share with, we will have a list of ladies just like yourself I am sure so let us know.

    Triple Room with Breakfast included is £67.85
    Double/ Twin Room with Breakfast included is £54.90 
    Single Room with Breakfast included is £41.95
    Room Only – Double/ Twin Room for £29 (Single or Double Occupancy).

    Capacity : 200
    Remaining : 142
    The Grasshopper
    139 Bournemouth Road
    BH14 9HT

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