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Hi my name is Leann and I am married with two gorgeous children, Thomas and Natalie.  We moved to Hatfield Peverel 4 years ago with our two Beagles Milo and Missy.  Hatfield Peverel is a lovely village and the people I have met so far are just as lovely.

I used to work in London as a Legal PA and gave that up to stay at home to bring my children up.  While I was off I helped my husband build and run his business.  I have a qualification in Professional Interior Design.  My love of interior design has helped me and my husband renovate houses, and we have almost completed the renovation of our current home.  I also run a Doggy Day Care business.  I love to meet new people so when I met Michelle, the founder of Live Laugh Love Ladies Club and she told me all about the Club, I couldn't wait to get started!  I was due to launch back in April 2020, obviously that didn't happen so the Hosts of all the clubs got together and we held our events via Zoom!  They were a great success with so many interesting people and I met some truly lovely ladies from across the country.  The community feeling was amazing! 

I'm looking forward to bringing this club to Hatfield Peverel, meeting new people, making new friends and organising bespoke events.  The club is all about being yourself, and having fun.  No matter what life throws at you or what you go through, this community will be there to help and guide you through it. 

The ticket price includes a hot meal and a hot drink, followed by inspirational talks, entertainment or advice.  There's an event for everyone.

Come along and see for yourself.  I'm looking forward to meeting you. Lx

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