The Bunker Café is a cosy rustic café/bar located in the St Catherine’s Hill area of Christchurch/Bournemouth.  Every detail is just lovely from the cosy areas with inviting lighting, to comfortable seating with warm gracious service from their staff.  With ample parking outside the door, it’s a wonderful setting for our Ladies Club events.

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 Evening Club - The Bunker 7pm - 9pm (2 hours with light tapas included)

Mon 10th of February 2020
Premium member price £14.00/ticket

Walking Wounded

In a self-confessed attempt at an (extraordinarily early) mid-life crisis, Anna Osborne began exploring half-forgotten dreams of being a singer and a writer. She now sings with the fabulous, Bournemouth-based choir, Chicken Soup. Her writing began with late night typing into the note section of her smart phone, resulting in her first novel, Walking Wounded.

Walking Wounded is a war story and family saga based on family folklore mainly from Anna's mother’s side of the family. The idea was born whilst walking on a D-Day beach waiting for a ferry back to England after a camping holiday in France, describing to her children the events of D-Day, and how three of her great-uncles stormed that very beach. Anna's husband looked at her and said, 'It's time you wrote this down.....'
The story focuses on those left behind whilst their men folk went to war, how they survived and how their relationships evolved through periods of violence, loss and reunion. It is a very personal story set upon a world stage whose history has shaped us all through its effect on our close relatives in the generations above us.

Capacity : 25
Remaining : 5
Mon 16th of March 2020
Premium member price £14.00/ticket


Julie Bramah of House of Colour will be showing us how colour an change our lives and make us shine! Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, yet nothing to wear? Is your wardrobe full of black or neutral colours? Are you looking to inject a pop of colour but not sure what suits you? Find out how understanding the magic of what colours suit and complement your skin tone and make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and light up your face, and also make you look healthier and slimmer!  Find out how even adding the right accessories can really enhance your look!

Capacity : 25
Remaining : 21
Mon 20th of April 2020
Premium member price £14.00/ticket


We'll be talking all things skincare and make-up!  Are you wearing the right colours for your skin tone? Beth Hawker will help us unlock such mysteries as what colour eyeshadow to suit our eyecolour, where to put bronzer/blusher/highlighter, what products to use and which are just beauty industry gimmicks, what order should we put products on our face, and how to remove them, a health check of your make up bag, how to create a minimal day look, or a more dramatic evening look! Let's try to unlock those mysteries and get ourselves looking our kind of fabulous!

Capacity : 25
Remaining : 17
Mon 18th of May 2020
Premium member price £14.00/ticket

Animal Communication and Healing!

Susannah has loved and had a close bond with animals all her life.  When her beloved horse became lame, her search for a solution led her to discover Zoopharmacognosy - that our animals are able to self-medicate and heal themselves via self-selection of natural things such as plants or essential oils, which are then ingested or topically applied to prevent or reduce pain or illness. A basic example of this is when dogs eat grass to induce vomiting.


Animal communication is a natural gift that Susannah has been aware of since she was a child and with her work as a zoopharmacognologist it has gradually developed and become stronger.  She is now able to communicate and receive clear messages from animals that she treats, which is such an exciting healing option, and which also helps the relationship between pets and her guardians.   Hear Susannah’s amazing stories of the animals she has helped, including Amy the 32 year old horse with arthritis, Leo the nervous snake and Merlin the rescue dog with severe gunshot wounds, are they miracles? You tell me

Capacity : 30
Remaining : 30

 Special Event 11 March Afternoon Tea at Hermitage Hotel

Wed 11th of March 2020
Premium member price £14.00/ticket

Afternoon Tea at the Hermitage Hotel

No speaker - just a lovely opportunity to get together and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea with scones, cream and jam, a selection of sandwiches, sweet treats and your choice of coffee or tea.

Afternoon Tea is a long standing British tradition served between 2 and 5pm - the origins of afternoon tea trace back to the early 1800's, a period where dinner was taken late in the evening. The Duchess of Bedford, annoyed by hunger pains caused by only having 2 meals per day, scheduled a time to take tea and a light snack in the mid-afternoon. At first a private affair, but then joined by her friends, this practice then took off and was perpetuated throughout England!!

Join us for afternoon tea with the Live Laugh Love Ladies at the lovely Hermitage Hotel.

Capacity : 45
Remaining : 30

 Special Event: Ladies Day at Ascot Races

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