The Cliff House Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel in Southbourne, Bournemouth, close to the cliff top and the beach beyond, with parking on site, and parking is also plentiful in the roads surrounding the hotel.  The hotel has recently re-opened following a period of closure, by a new and vibrant management team. Guests and visitors enjoy gorgeous well decorated surroundings, sunny open rooms with beautiful views of the garden.

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 Evening Club 19.00 to 21.00 (2 hours with light meal included)

Wed 18th of September 2019
Premium member price £14.00/ticket

The Power of Healing using Art

Jackie Howchin is an inspirational healer - a Reiki Master who has been working with positive energy healing for many years.  To complement her Reiki energy healing, she runs Healing Art Workshops (you don't need to be an artist - it's a very personal experience where you can create your own piece of art to help you heal and grow) aimed at supporting and encouraging emotional healing through Art and creative self-expression for those living with pain, grief, fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, stress and much more.  As a healing artist she produces inspirational channelled art, infused with love and Reiki energy healing.  Her art has proved very popular as it continues to provide healing to the people viewing it, or to the home in which it is displayed.  There will be a display of Jackie's art work on the evening and the opportunity to find out more about the help that she has given to the people who have struggled with a  diverse range of issues.

Capacity : 35
Remaining : 25
Tue 22nd of October 2019
Premium member price £14.00/ticket


Gail Reynolds was a single mum, living in a council house in the West Midlands, when good fortune came knocking ... or rather ringing the doorbell  .... Ding Dong - Avon Calling!  Gail's story is one of someone who simply wanted to find a way of making new friends, but she never anticipated how that decision would change her life and  make all her dreams come true!  Come along to hear more about Gail's journey and how, with her Mum, her Nana and her Aunties as her strongest role models, she stayed true to her family values, bringing her the greatest success and turning her life around.....

Capacity : 35
Remaining : 24

 Lunch Club 12.30 - 14.30 (2 hrs with light lunch included)

We currently have no events listed for the Evening Club 19.00 to 21.00 (2 hours with light meal included).
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