Steeped in local heritage in the heart of Carshalton with a view of Carshalton Ponds is The Greyhound.A friendly local pub which has fantastic cask ales and serves seasonal British Food. With 19 stylish bedrooms in the Hotel Annex alongside 2 feature rooms which have a lovely view of the ponds

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 Evening events 7-9pm (2 hours)

Wed 13th of February 2019
Premium member price £15.00/ticket

On Wednesday 13th February, Shelley Palmer will be joining us as our guest speaker.

Shelley represents Tropic skin care, a company founded by Susie Marr, a former runner up, from the TV program featuring Lord Alan Sugar called "The Apprentice".

Shelley will be sharing on what goes into skin products which are on the market and why we should be conscious of what we put on our skin.

She will be carrying out a demonstration of Susie's first ever product, the skin smooth body scrub, which she sold at Greenwich market.

Capacity : 20
Remaining : 15
Thu 18th of April 2019
Premium member price £15.00/ticket

Our speaker this month is Christene Burgess- after experiencing the transformation meditation 

brought to her life, and others, inspired Christene to study Mindfulness/MSBR (Bangor University). 

Teaching these wisdom practices in corporate and community circles enriched her own practice and 

the value of human potential and life long learning.

A Psychosynthesis Therapist (1990), her holistic, empowering , innovative approach is refreshing.

Her topic will be -Mindfulness: The Nurturing Power of Presence- Self care, Relationships and 

Work with Heart.

Too busy, stressed or exhausted? Feeling in a rut or in a "lost" place? You will feel better for being

here this evening: in friendly company, enjoying renewed vitality and inspiring (evidence based) skills 

for a lifetime. Because you're worth better!

Capacity : 20
Remaining : 15
Thu 11th of July 2019
Premium member price £15.00/ticket

Capacity : 20
Remaining : 20

 Summer Celebration Ball in Bournemouth 6pm-11.30pm The Hermitage Hotel

We currently have no events listed for the Evening events 7-9pm (2 hours).
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