The White Hart Inn in the center of Ashton Keynes, this awesome pub is lovely inside, extremely welcoming and owned by 3 couples from the Village, their goal - To make the local more local, by using local suppliers for their food and drink plus to host all kinds of events from a steak night to live music that will bring the community together. The lovely manager Freya is looking forward to us coming along & their chef will be putting together an "almost" healthy buffet for you to enjoy, all included as part of the evening.

There is a Car Park however, should all the spaces be taken you can park on the High Road for free!

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 Evening Club 7pm-9pm - Includes light buffet supper

Wed 5th of June 2019
Premium member price £10.00/ticket

Our Guest speaker for June! At our new venue! It's me Sj!

The Topic - THE NIPPLE EFFECT... Yes, you read that right ;) 

Sarah-jane Rossiter, Mum of 3 & former Miss United Kingdom finalist from Swindon. Sj will be sharing her story titled 'The Nipple Effect’ And no that isn’t misspelt, In 2005 Sj was told she was walking around with a ticking time bomb, in fact, two ticking time bombs! When the Oxford Genetics Team announced “you’re 98% likely to get breast cancer” the words she had feared being confirmed, after thinking she was possibly a high risk for cancer after watching her Mum, Aunt, Grandmother & Uncle lose their life to various versions of the big C! What happened next changed the course of her life and 1000’s of other women around the world.

Capacity : 15
Remaining : 9
Wed 3rd of July 2019
Premium member price £12.00/ticket

Wednesday, July 3rd 

Why paying attention to your “POO” could unlock the secrets to Radiant Health

Our guest in July is the fabulous Katherine Brooke MacKenzie who will be sharing everything she knows about our toilet habits! 

Instead of being celebrated as one of the foundations of physical and psychological wellbeing, the necessity of a good healthy poo seems to have been moved to the bottom of the list and is bringing up the rear of our health priorities. Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie is passionate about poo, and in this friendly, engaging and enlightening talk, she will bring the often trivialised subject of poop, toilet habits and functional digestion into the spotlight for further analysis.

Katherine has been working in the field of holistic complementary health for twenty years, focussing on people with tummy troubles for the last fourteen years. She is the proprietor of The Healthy Gut Clinic in Chippenham, which offers a range of services targeted to support those with gut-related issues. She is a highly experienced Colon Hydrotherapy practitioner, has a degree in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, and is a qualified mBIT Coach

Capacity : 30
Remaining : 16
Wed 7th of August 2019
Premium member price £12.00/ticket

Wednesday, August 7th 

Get ready to be PAMPERED! 

Firstly we will hear from Aimee, a holistic therapist from Ashton Keynes as she shares her story and why she is now a holistic therapist, followed by Lynda Walker who will then give us a real treat and pamper.

The evening will start with an opportunity for you to get to know other members and enjoy a delicious meal made especially for the club by the Chef at the White Hart Inn. Followed by our guest speakers.

Capacity : 30
Remaining : 21
Wed 4th of September 2019
Premium member price £12.00/ticket

Wednesday, Sept 4th 

True love doesn't care about colour or age! Mixed Feelings is both an autobiography and love story. But this is not your average love story… Twelve years apart in age and growing up with very different social, cultural and educational backgrounds, Lis and Conrad meet on the dance floors of Cheltenham. On paper they should have nothing in common…
Despite their disparate experiences, they find they have a lot in common, they enjoy each other’s company, and they fall in love. Their relationship faces a tide of disapproval, racism and ignorance from all sides, from loved ones to strangers. Most come to see their errors of judgement, but others do not, and are left at the wayside.
Mixed Feelings is an unusual and lively story, challenging society’s fixed ideas and helping forge a way for the next generation. Join Author, Lis McDermott, to hear her personal story.
Capacity : 30
Remaining : 27
Wed 2nd of October 2019
Premium member price £12.00/ticket

Wednesday, October 2nd

Breast cancer awareness month and we are getting



Billy Morrison & Special Surprise Guest


Capacity : 30
Remaining : 24
Wed 6th of November 2019
Premium member price £12.00/ticket

Our guest speaker for November is the lovely Paula Power from My White Dog and no she doesn't breed dogs... 

She helps to raise mental health awareness with a goal to reduce the stigma in business, schools, and communities.

Paula is one of the Directors of My White Dog & from her own experiences of seeing Mental Illness within her family, she recognised the impact of helping someone before crisis, sometimes just by having a listening ear. She has led teams in the outdoors, was part of the First all Women Expedition to reach the Geographic North Pole in 1997 (attaining entry into Guinness Book of Records), and is passionate about raising awareness for positive wellbeing and emotional literacy

Capacity : 30
Remaining : 30
White Hart Inn
High Road
Ashton Keynes

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