Part Time Business Opportunities

Have you ever dreamed of running a part-time business whilst having a day job? Would you like to remove some financial pressure from your family? Then you've come to the right place, as here are our top part time business opportunities.

Selling Antiques

Experience will be advantageous

The clue is in the title for this amazing opportunity, you can quite simply integrate this into your lifestyle if you visit car boot sales, flea markets and estate auctions frequently. Once you have acquired your selection of antiques to sell simply set up a booth at weekend fairs and start making a small and tidy profit.

Creating and Selling Custom Jewellery

Basic understanding of web programming languages and SEO can be highly advantageous

Putting your creative talents to work can be quite a profitable small business idea. Whether it's crafting with sterling silver or clay there is always a market for your creations.

If you need to setup your online shop quickly then our recommendation would be to use a platform like Etsy, however to avoid any selling fees our recommendation would be to start up your own e-commerce shop and promote it through the use of Search Engine Optimisation.

Personal Chef

Home cooked meals are highly sought after, however a lot of busy professionals don't have the time for these luxuries and would rather hire a personal chef, there is a growing demand for this service and one which can be highly lucrative.

Having a love and passion for cooking is highly advantageous as it will make the process a lot more streamlined.

Selling Stock Photography

A high quality camera is essential

Selling high quality digital photos on websites such as iStock, Shutterstock and Fotolia can be very profitable if you manage to capture the right picture.

If photography is your passion then why not check out this useful guide on how to become a freelance photographer.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Companies that experience a surge in workload can sometimes be overwhelmed with what needs to be don, that's why there is a growing demand for virtual assistants that can remotely aid in day to day tasks.

A good place to start would be a website like Freelancer where you can very quickly and easily sign up as a virtual assistant and start advertising to companies. Taking a touch typing course can potentially give you an advantage over other freelancers so this may be worth considering.

Become a Personal Trainer

Professional personal trainer courses can cost several hundred pounds, however a good place to start might be friends or family to help build up a client portfolio that will eventually pay for the courses.

However if you do decide to go down the route of personal trainer courses then we recommend checking out the National Register of Personal Trainers

Create a Flyer Company

Creating a business based around handing out flyers might seem a bit old school but you'll be surprised at how many small businesses and clubs are willing to invest in this type of advertising.

Once you have a few companies that are interested you can simply create a few Gumtree ads to find willing people.

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