Bulbury Woods Golf Club

Bulbury Lane


BH16 6HR

Breath-taking views await on this tree lined course famed for its quality of greens. The clubs friendly and relaxed environment and superb facilities make it a venue of choice for

the Lytchett Live Laugh Love Ladies Club.

The club now boasts a new large patio overlooking the 18th hole course which will be accessible whenever the weather permits. and the room we use has it's own private bar if needed.

Located just off the A35 it is only 15 minutes from Poole and 35 minutes from Bournemouth.

This venue contains plenty of parking.  

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 Evening Club 7.30pm - 9.30pm (evening meal included)

Tue 19th of November 2019
Premium member price £14.00/ticket


Are you concerned about the environment?  Have you seen the program on The War on Plastic?  Did it make you think?  It definitely did me, there were even a few tears, especially when you look at where we live surrounded by water and beauty.  What if this disaster happended to our coastlines how would you feel about it?  There has been so many posts on facebook this summer showing the rubbish that has been left on our beautiful beaches and it's heart breaking.  The amount of single use plastics that are being used today is phenomenal and most of it cant even go into our homebased recycling bins!!! what's that all about.  Did you also know that a very snmall percentage of our home based bin recycling actually get recycled?  the rest either ends up in landfill, is shipped away to cause the problems we are seeing today or burned!  Either way it is poluting our environment and our own bodies too!

So i decided to do something about it! I am now a qualified GEA Trainer and I want to create a community within the Live Laugh Ladies Club to make a difference, this is also a great activity to do whilst you are sat in front of the TV know ing you are making a difference to the planet , but its also great fun to do especially the children and grandchildren.  I will also show you how once these ecobricks have been made, what they can be used for and how we can help our communties by doing projects to make good use of them.

if you wish to take part you will need to bring with you:

A small plastic bottle 330ml i.e coke, sprite, lucozade or water 

A pair of scissors

A  carrier bag of your clean washed cut up single use non recyable plastic

A pokey stick i.e wooden spoon, bamboo cane or chopstick (Earth wands will be provided but a limited amount)

if you do not have the items listed dont panic as these will be provided

Capacity : 40
Remaining : 33

 Lunch Club 12:30pm - 2:30pm (Lunch included)

We currently have no events listed for the .
Bulbury Woods Golf Club
Lytchett Minster
Lytchett Minster
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