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Start your very own ladies club

This is arguably the most versatile home business opportunity on the list and can be the most rewarding. Live Laugh Love Ladies Club is a fantastic franchise opportunity that comes with a whole host of resources to help get you started along with monthly training sessions to make sure you are happy and confident throughout the entire process.Every franchise owner will also be given a microsite within the main Live Laugh Love Ladies Club website, this can be used as a marketing platform to further help develop your clubs customer base.

Selling products online

There are three ways to approach selling products online, re-selling, white labelling and selling your own product. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, however each method has a chance of providing you with a considerable passive revenue every month.

Re-selling products

This can often be the easiest approach to selling products online as the branding has been mostly done for you and people will know what they are getting. Most entrepreneurs prefer to use already established online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay to help reach a wider audience than traditional marketing methods.

Sourcing products to sell

This can be the trickiest and longest part of the process, most people will use online tools such as Unicorn Smasher to help them identify product opportunities.Once you have decided what product you wish to sell then the best place to start, if possible, is your local supermarket. If you can find a retail store selling the product you wish to promote through an online marketplace and there is a sizeable profit to be made after fees are deducted then it's as simple as buying and listing it.

 White labelling products

This is the process of finding a product that is high in demand and that can be re-branded with your own labels and logo. This is the middle of the road option between re-selling and creating your own products, it can initially be a bit expensive but it allows you to create and develop a brand under your own name which is appealing to a lot of entrepreneurs. To gain an understanding of the benefits to white labelling over creating your own product we recommend this Forbes article.

Creating your own product

This is by far the most expensive method of selling products online, however it can also be the most lucrative if done correctly. Creating your own product/brand is a time exhausting approach that will require a large amount of research to be undertaken to ensure that you create a product that is in high demand but ideally not in an overly competitive market. A good place to start to understand exactly what it takes to create your own product would be to read this useful guide on how to create a product that sells.Our recommendation for selling products online would probably be to initially go down the route of white labelling or re-selling popular products, once you have an established passive revenue from these options then you could consider creating your own product.

Freelance Writing

Although we covered this before in our article about small business ideas for women, we felt it was important to mention it here again just because of how simple and effective this is as a home business opportunity.You can become a freelance writer in the space of a day, all you really need to do is set up a profile on popular sites such as freelancer.com or peoplerperhour.com and start bidding for Gigs to begin building up your portfolio which will just improve the possibility of you getting even better opportunities in the future.You can also tie in the creative side of freelance writing to help create useful and enticing descriptions for any products you are looking to sell online, this is incredibly important as the description of a product is sometimes considered as one of the first interactions a potential customer has with your product.

Home Business Opportunities

Become a web developer

As much as it might seem to be a can of worms to begin with, online courses from sites such as Treehouse make it very simple and easy for you to start learning to code.The beauty of learning a new skill such as coding is that it can be done at your own pace and whenever you have an hour spare. Once you have become competent enough that you can start building basic websites you can always begin offering it as a service to friends and family for a small fee or even free just to get your name around.Once you have a large enough portfolio and have become a very competent you always have the option of changing your career path, targeting larger clients or simply you could just stick to friends and family to help add a bit of money to your bank every month.


Were you ever passionate about a particular subject at school? Perhaps you fancy yourself as the next great piano player. Whatever your skill is, why not translate that knowledge into something you can tutor others about. There are plenty of parents who are more than happy to pay people to tutor their children and this can as a result turn into a very profitable home business opportunity.If this is something that could interest you then we strongly recommend you read about becoming a tutor here.

Start a day-care

If you are a lover of kids and are uniquely gifted with a lot of patience then this could be a fantastic home business opportunity for you. We recommend this article in educating yourself what is involved and if realistically you could set one up in your house.

Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is essentially a secretary to a business or person somewhere in the world. Every single industry has been revolutionised through the use of the internet and computers, this has allowed companies to request additional human resource from across the world through popular sites such as People Per Hour.To find out more about becoming a virtual assistant we recommend reading this article.

Sell Handmade Products

Although this is similar to the first home business opportunity discussed in this article it is more suited to people who are good with arts and crafts. Once you have an idea of what you want to create then we recommend selling it on an online marketplace such as etsy.com.

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