Our events will be held at the Dutch Burgher Union (DBU). We have picked the DBU as our venue because of its beautiful old world charm and for its central location, making it a convenient spot for ladies to attend our meetings. The club being one of Colombo’s earliest clubs with its centuries old history is known for its cosiness and its delicious food and drink. The ticket price includes the location, food, tea/ coffee, and speaker. We can’t think of a prettier building to host a ladies club. Take in the colonial beauty while listening to the inspirational speaker and making new friendships at the ladies club.

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 Evening Club

Sat 21st of October 2017
Premium member price Ɍs1500.00/ticket

This is our BIG October celebration event in the Live Laugh Love Ladies Club Colombo. We are warmly welcoming and meeting ladies club members in Michelle Bartlett's club in England right here in Colombo. It's the one night of the year where we celebrate being us in true 'live laugh love' spirit. See you beautiful ladies there on this 'fun-tastic' day.  

Capacity : 50
Remaining : 20
Sat 25th of November 2017
Premium member price Ɍs2000.00/ticket

Charity Month!! We are doing our 1st charity project in Colombo.. We will need all our members participation for this one. Ticket proceeds will go towards the cause. See you in November, let's give a little.. 

Capacity : 40
Remaining : 40
Sun 20th of May 2018
Premium member price Ɍs0.00/ticket

Pasta Evening with Chef Sunil - for the month of May we will be learning all about Italian pasta with Chef Sunil. We won't be exceeding 20 spots for this one, so be sure to book your spots early. Seeing is believing but to top it up their will be tasting and plenty of eating real authentic Italian pasta while learning from the best. This is no boring cooking demonstration, we will be simplifying the pasta making process. See you ladies at this exciting event...

Remaining : 20
The Dutch Burger Union
114, Reid Avenue, Colombo
Western Province
00 400

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