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Hi Ladies, I have lived in Poole, Dorset most of my life. I totally love it here and I am very proud of where we live. I have always been a peoples person working in some sort of customer service role.

I am a single mother with 4 children aged from 22 - 13 years old as well as a very proud grandmother to Bella who is now 3.

I am a full time carer to my eldest son who has special needs, but I also run my own business in the health and well-being industry offering a variety of holistic treatments. go to www.willowtreelife.com to find out more.

I also run my network marketing business in make up and skincare with Younique.  I mainly teach women over the age of 40 how to wear make up as over 65% still wear make up as they did in their teens and when they first started using it!  I also Mentor other women who are looking for a  business opportunity build their own business along side me. I love the ethics behind Younique and what it stands for helping each other to UPLIFT, EMPOWER and VALIDATE, one another.  go to www.willowtreelife.co.uk to find out more

I met Michelle at a woman's business networking group where she invited me to attend one of her clubs.   I love the concept of the club and the fact that you can go on your own and leave with new friends after.  

After much  consideration, I decided I would like to start up one of my own! 

I'm really excited to be doing this as although I meet some amazing women every day, I do feel a little isolated and have lost that people contact that I loved so much, so I'm looking forward to meeting some new exciting like minded woman and empowering them to know they are not alone.

Karen xxx

 Karen looks forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to her exciting new club. 

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