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Hi Ladies, I moved to Dorset 12 years ago after leaving my husband and started my new life with my amazing 17 year old cat who means everything to me. I am currently working for the National Trust and  love meeting the public , advising and helping with all manners of enquiries.

Michelle and I were introduced at a charity event, the name Live Laugh Love caught my eye and the logo of the pink shoe made me want to find out more. I liked the concept of the ladies group and attended my first lunch meeting at Compton Acres.  Although I have travelled to many countries on my own and had some amazing holidays, I decided it will be good to meet like-minded women.

The rest is history, and I am proud to be starting this club.. I am very pleased to be able to use the facilities of this beautiful venue and to help with this amazing charity, offering to our ladies a safe and exciting place to meet new friends.

Jacky xx

Hi Ladies, I have lived in Poole, Dorset most of my life. I totally love it here and I am very proud of where we live. I have always been a peoples  person working in some sort of customer service role.

I am a single mother with 4 children aged from 22 - 13 years old as well as a very proud grandmother to Bella who is now 3.

I am a full time carer to my eldest son who has special needs, but I also run my own business in the health and well-being industry offering a variety of holistic treatments.

I met Michelle at a woman's business networking group where she invited me to attend one of her clubs.   I love the concept of the club and the fact that you can go on your own and leave with new friends after.  

After much  consideration, I decided I would like to start up one of my own! This is when Michelle introduced me to the lovely Jacky, we met up for coffee and hit it off straight away, as we have the same mindset on what we want out of life, as well as fun loving personalities and I'm happy to say I'm working with her now.

I'm really excited to be doing this as although I meet some amazing women every day, I do feel a little isolated and have lost that people contact that I loved so much, so I'm looking forward to meeting some new exciting like minded woman and empowering them to know they are not alone.

Karen xxx

Jacky and Karen look forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to our exciting new club. 

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