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07852 112413


Welcome to my new club in your area! 

I came across Live Laugh Love Ladies Club, whilst searching for a modern ladies’ Social club in the area. Live Laugh Love Ladies Club was founded by Michelle in the Poole area and has now grown to other areas of the UK plus two more abroad over the past 6 years. When I couldn’t find a similar social club in this area, I decided to join the brand of a club run by women for women over 18, and now the Live Laugh Love Ladies Cheshire & Wirral Club has been born. 

 Due to the restrictions of Covid-19 the foundations of Live Laugh Love Ladies Club, which normally offers regular local social meetings at a venue in our area with a meal, drinks and a speaker, they have been forced online, utilising the platform Zoom. The benefit of Zoom is that all Clubs across the UK can get together several times a week, thus, offering you as a Premium Member unlimited access to all back interviews & speakers and well as live talks and games, until such time as we can once again support the community and meet in person. 

A bit about me;

I have lived in Ellesmere Port for four years. I moved to the area from Llandudno after marrying my amazing husband back in 2016 in the beautiful Dominican Republic. We were college sweethearts, courting when just 16 years of age but College, apprentices and University hindered our get togethers so we drifted apart. By sheer coincidence/fate some 25 years later our lives crossed, and our relationship started to blossom once again, so not missing out on happiness again I proposed in the leap year of 2016 and we married the same year.

Between us we have three Children; I have a 26-year-old son who live indepentantly. A 21-year-old Stepdaughter who's just finished University and an 18-Year-old Stepson who is currently in 6 form and lives with us full time. I have been working in Customer Relations for over 20 years, being in my current role for just over 16 and now it’s time for an added change.

 I look forward to meeting you all in person soon and making this club into something special you can all belong to.

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