Walford Mill was chosen for it's idyllic location, surrounded by majestic trees and a tranquil riverside setting, The Millstream Bistro is a fantastic place to be, with it's charm and beauty alongside the river. Family run, Marc creates the most amazing food and welcome

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 Evening Ladies Club 7pm -9pm

Wed 6th of February 2019
Premium member price £12.00/ticket

This evening we welcome Heather Dawn Godfrey - Aromatherapist and Author.  Heather first learnt about essential oils, alongside other complementary medicine and integrated therapy principles and practices, in the early 70’s. TShe worked for Robert Tisserand when he first began to develop his business, then later studied at the University of Salford and was awarded a BSc (Joint Hon) Degree in Counselling and Complementary Medicine, and Masters Certificates in Integrated Mindfulness, and Supervision of Counsellors.  Heather has published various material but what is exciting is that Heather has just released a fabulous book focused on the use of essential oils for mindfulness and meditation. This will be a fascinating, interactive and informative evening learning about how essential oils uplift and calm mood and emotion, support immunity and healing. 

Capacity : 40
Remaining : 4
Wed 6th of March 2019
Premium member price £12.00/ticket



                                            PAST AND PRESENT WITH MALCOLM ANGEL

On this evening we will get a real insight into the beating heart of Wimborne Minster - this wonderful bustling market town which is steeped in the most surprising history.

It is a place of Kings, Queens, Saints and miracles along with its fair share of ghosts. We will be welcoming our speaker, the highly regarded and much loved Malcolm Angel, a wonderful ambassador for the community. Malcolm is the owner and founder of Gulliver’s Bookshop in Wimborne along with being an author in his own right. He is also the founder and curator of the Wimborne Literary Festival and the founding Director of Radio Wimborne where he broadcasts a weekly show.  Malcolm also played a fundamental part in saving the Tivoli Theatre and Square Records in the town. What Malcolm does not know about Wimborne, its history, legends and its ghosts could be written on half a postage stamp, so if you would like to know about this wonderful market town then Malcolm is the man to hear. I first heard him speak about the town on one of his ghost walks and it has always stayed with me, which is why I really wanted to get him along to the Millstream Bistro to share his passion and his knowledge for the town where we hold our Live Laugh Love group.


Capacity : 40
Remaining : 18
Tue 2nd of April 2019
Premium member price £12.00/ticket

This April we welcome along Filippo Gernetti from Innate Wellness in Bournemouth - Chiropractry with a difference.  Innate Wellness believe in the amazing innate ability of your body to heal itself, to thrive and to create wellness. We believe that you can be in control of your health. Your nervous system is in control of anything that happens in your body; stress (mental, physical, nutritional and environmental), creates interference within the nervous system. As a consequence the bones in your spine do not move well, and ultimately your body does not perform well. With our care, through gentle adjustments of the bones in your spine, and lifestyle advice, we'll help you to be in control of your health by helping you to restore function of the nervous system, reducing your stress levels and helping you to achieve your best potential in all fields of your life. - here is an introduction from Innate Wellness

Do you value your health? If the answer is yes! 

Come along to hear from Filippo Gernetti, our Doctor of Chiropractic will explain the Vitalistic side of the profession.It will blow your socks off!

A free spinal health check will be offered to anyone interested, plus a fantastic free DRAW PRIZE!

Sounds intriguing - come along to find out more from Innate Wellness Chiropractic. 

Helping your body do what it does best!

Capacity : 40
Remaining : 32
Walford Mill Bistro
Knobcrook Road
BH21 1NL

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