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Hi, Fiona Viant here! Networking and meeting people is one of my greatest pleasures. I love the opportunities that networking  gives everyone. It really is a case of you never know what is round the corner and meeting new people gives you so many chances of friendship and experiences.

I have had a varied and interesting life spread across the Southern Counties of England. I was born in Hampshire moved to Kent where most of my schooling was, then moved back to Hampshire where I then went to Univerity in Sussex, met my first husband just after leaving Uni and worked with him in our own computer business till I had my two first children. Moved backwards and forwards between Surrey and Hampshire several times! Worked in PR for a while. After a slightly tumultuous time l ended up in Hardington in Somerset with Nick, my second husband and a third child. I wallowed in horses for about 15 years and brought up children. I then decided to dip my toe in the workplace again and now have a home and mobile Pop up Girls and Ladies Clothes Boutique based here in Hardington as well as the Live Laugh Love Club franchise for this area. My ambition is to live a mindful life to the full and laugh as much as I can whilst doing it! Hopefully generating a lot of love on the way!

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