The newly refurbished Fleece in Cirencester with a relaxed atmosphere and great food.  Ample parking with the Market place. 

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 Ladies Club Evening, The Fleece, Cirencester. 7pm-9pm

Thu 14th of September 2017
Member £12.00/ticket
Non-member £15.00/ticket

Mon 2nd of October 2017
Member £12.00/ticket
Non-member £15.00/ticket

Welcome to our Launch Event

What a fantastic guest we have for this event! I have known Rich personally for approximately 10 years now and I have seen him help people overcome fears and fly around the world, set goals that they never imagined were possible to achieve and achieve them, and help top level businesses grow dramatically.

Rich will be speaking about “How To Be The Difference Today” – create the life you want on the terms you want through service and contribution. If you have seen the movie pay it forward you'll understand where he is coming from. In a world that seems to be take, take, take, Rich will go through how we can give and still get what we want.

 Rich Waterman, is a former investment banker having worked for over ten years on the trading floors of JP Morgan Chase and Citibank. 


Since attending a Tony Robbins’ “Unleash The Power Within” event in 2006, Rich has dedicated his life to helping others implement change in their lives through the use of powerful mind set techniques to overcome fears and phobias, create goals, and to pretty much get people to do the things they know they should be doing or want to do but haven't found the motivation to do.

Go grab your space and look forward to a fun evening. 



Capacity : 30
Remaining : 19
Mon 6th of November 2017
Member £12.00/ticket
Non-member £15.00/ticket

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Capacity : 30
Remaining : 28
The Fleece at Cirencester
Market Place

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