Walford Mill was chosen for it's idyllic location, surrounded by majestic trees and a tranquil riverside setting, The Millstream Bistro is a fantastic place to be, with it's charm and beauty alongside the river. Family run, Marc creates the most amazing food and welcome

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 Evening Ladies Club 7pm -9pm

Wed 7th of February 2018
Member £12.00/ticket
Non-member £15.00/ticket

We have the fantastic Jackie Howchin with us this evening – Jackie enthralled us with her talk last year in Ringwood and she will be here to delight us in Wimborne with her wonderful positive energy healing through Reiki and Art. On a personal note since meeting Jackie only just over a year ago she has impacted and improved my life in such a positive way. There will be a display of her art on the evening and her pieces are also produced in greetings cards with their beautiful messages which are perfect for all occasions.   

 I won’t say more – here’s Jackie to introduce herself…

“I have been working with Reiki for many years, and feel truly blessed that my incredible father is my best friend, mentor and also my Reiki Master It has been a long journey for me, full of very difficult lessons, which have taught me so much about life.   In addition to my Positive Reiki Energy Healing, I also believe that healing with words is incredibly effective - and my therapy therefore includes an element of Life Guidance.  Educating people to understand their energy, and how it affects them and everyone around them, is crucial if they have a desire to heal themselves. I also run Healing Art Workshops, aimed at supporting and encouraging emotional healing through Art and creative self-expression for those living with pain, grief, fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, stress and so much more.  Finally I am a Healing Artist – producing inspirational channelled art, infused with love and Reiki energy healing.  My art has proved very popular, as it continues to provide healing to the people viewing it, or to the home in which it is displayed.



Capacity : 40
Remaining : 30
Tue 6th of March 2018
Member £12.00/ticket
Non-member £15.00/ticket

 Have you been touched by Blue Planet 2 or heard the media hype about plastics and wondering what it is all about? 

Have you ever noticed how we are surrounded by plastic, everywhere we look? We have become a plastic society. The amount of plastic produced in 1950 was 1.7 million tonnes. In 2015, it was 322 million tonnes. We use plastic cups, plastic food wrap, plastic food containers, plastic bags, plastic toothbrushes… We are slowly becoming more aware of the issues surrounding our “overuse” of plastic and the affects it has on our environment and human health. Since the the introduction of a 5p charge for plastic bags in England, the number of single-use plastic bags used by shoppers has plummeted by more than 85%. What other small changes can we make that would have a huge positive impact on the environment we live in?

Change is possible and it starts with us. Come and listen to Natasha Ray from &Keep to find out how and learn:

- What is plastic pollution and its sources?

- How plastic pollution affects our planet and our health 

- Simple steps we can take to reduce plastic pollution, including easy plastic-free alternatives you can start using today

Natasha will also bring along a selection of plastic-free, reusable and sustainable goodies from her online eco-friendly store www.andkeep.com so you can get started on your plastic-free journey.










Capacity : 40
Remaining : 40
Walford Mill Bistro
Stone Lane
BH21 1NL

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